i got acupuncture last week because of the pain in my right wrist. So it swells every time i overuse, like nonstop drawing for 4 hours, my right hand. And i don’t want just to see a doctor and then take the drugs or cure it as modern medicine always does. So I tried another way going to kind of traditional Chinese medicine because i’ve heard that it’s a good way to treat diseases of the bones and joints without taking drugs either operating.

these pictures are just a quick collage made from a photo I took while waiting in the hospital. hahaha the doctor just left my wrist punctured like that. At that moment It felt nothing. But the moment he placed needles into my wrist it was sooooooo fucking painful. (but,OK it’s acceptable though because I want to get better from it as soon as possible :( )

and the drawing below is my imagination that came into my head at the moment. So those shapes locate so unorganizedly because I might moved the wrist way too much. And hopefully the acupuncture could organize them. PAINFUL !!!

( i know the proportion and everything is not really right (hahaha) well I just don’t really care about it because it’s just something I do for myself and that’s the best part )

แต่ตอนนี้ไม่มีเวลาเลย และมันก็ยังบวมอยู่

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