playing in the dark

as you can see,this assignment of visual communication design class had us done some works playing with positive and negative spaces. we had to manage each space in these squares doing what we could do starting with positive space 90 percent and another 10 percent for negative space,then add negative space up to 20 percent and 80 percent for positive then 30,  40, 50 ,60 ..till 90 percent for negative space !

these are (from above left) 50 percent,(above right) 10 percent ,this one is not a really good one :( ? ,(below left) 60 percent and the last one is 20 percent

30 and 40 :D  see a crocodile ?

70 and 80

the last one 90 ! named don’t be so sad :D

and this is Noma Bar ,Artist who play with negative and positive space really well. Sweet !

happy wednesday

even it’s not quite good day for me

One thought on “playing in the dark

  1. i love these!!:) you’re so creative!:) you had to draw whatever you want?
    is that only a crocodile? i cannot see it! it looks like a fox:)))

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