i went to japan last week with my mom and her’s amazing,full of inspirations as always. this trip is special cus this is the first time we went alone,not with tourist,no guide just maps

sometimes it was like hunting a treasure.i found lots of cute things

this is what they call ‘zakka’ it means things that decorate your place

this shop is natural zakka (if i’m right hahahaha) so they made from natural, ecological things.inside the shop is white ,so comfortable decorated with laces laces and laces.

exciting book store it said

and yes, it’s REALLY exciting  as you see under the shop’s name,village canguard, it’s books, more! and more and more (and it’s really that MORE )

then i skip to Kamakura the small but great in details

i think Japan is a place where you can find some beautiful,delicated fabric works everywhere

then i skip to Tokyo metro which jst made me miss the sound of music in london’s tube :'(

CUTE !! i remember this illustrator from a book ‘uncocoro’ his style is very charactoristic i knew immediately when my eyes caught on this poster

my favourite item of the trip hahaha

like the colour :)

the best thing of this trip !!!!!!!!! ghibli museum !

it’s really special for me

even it seemed like somewhere for a child only but i think i still be able to enjoy it. inside the museum everything is so cute.want to have a house like that tooooooo (shouting)

oh and the reason i think i was really lucky because i saw one man while he was painting the wall ! it’s weird because he didnt hav any colour sketch,just few papers with photocopies for example the picture on the wall is buildings and ships so the photocopies are pictures of ships and buildings and he just stuck them on the wall

how did he do that

and this is what he’s doing OHMYGOSHHHHHHHHH!!! it’s all hand-made

One thought on “noppin

  1. Oh Mai!!!! Ghibli museum looks soooooo beautiful I want to visit it… I hope you upload more pictures of your trip to Japan. I really miss you :(

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